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Premium 1:8 Scale Model Cars

     Many collectors when choosing large scale model cars, give their preference to 1:8 scale models. They are one of the top-selling models nowadays. The earliest 1:8 scale model dates back to 1923, it was a Bentley 3.0L.
     Currently, the model kit manufacturers are refining the car kits further and 1:8 scale model car kits are not an exception. At Wespe Classic Car customer satisfaction is the top priority. That's why we are always striving to offer extremely accurate models to the most enthusiastic collectors around the world. Every detail is examined carefully to make the car look like its iconic real versions.
     Besides 1:8 scale model cars for sale, we also offer other large model cars such as 1:10 ones and also classic car models that will remain one of the highest demanding models ever.
     We provide a wide range of 1:8 scale model cars to meet the demands of our customers. It will be a difficult choice for a true hobbyist due to the variety of options. However, there are always top-selling models that we want to draw your attention to:

     Jaguar Model Car

     If you want to make a car enthusiast happy then you can buy a model from Jaguar. All our models are right to a tee. They are made to meet the high standards and invincible quality of the real cars. Whatever your choice will be, we can proudly offer you a fantastic variety of models including D-Type and E-Types, C-X75 which is famous for the James Bond movie Spectre.

     Porsche Scale Model

     Car collectors not only prefer true-to-size cars but also their miniatures. Porsche cars always stand out with their exquisite design and detail-orientation. Our Porsche model cars are true to their original standards ensuring the fascination of a car hobbyist. The attention to detail makes these cars even more desirable for collectors.
     Aside from the bestsellers, other models are worth your attention, as well.


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